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"Why is there so much yellow stuff flying through the air, and what is it? "

(Picture provided by: Philly.Com )

What is all this yellow stuff called? Well, that is a great question. The yellow stuff you are seeing is called " Pollen ". Not to be confused with bee pollen but tree pollen to be exact. Pollen is a very fine powder produced by trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds to fertilize other plants of the same species (Healthline.Com ). In the late winter through spring time is when we experience the most of this yellowish powder. In simple terms, this is how plants and trees keep there genetics going. Some plants are male while others are female and in some cases they are hermaphrodites meaning they can pollinate themselves without the help of any other plant or tree. The male species produce such pollen that can travel miles with the help of natures wind. The female plant and trees use pollen to create seeds that will later be dropped or carried by some animals(example: Birds) giving a chance for life to keep going on. Female plants often have those beautiful flowers that we all so love during the spring time. When you see a new pine tree for example just starting out being very small in stature, this is a sign that those steps have been accomplished successfully.

When you have a fruit tree for example you will see them produce flowers in which bees as well as wind to help pollinate them. In return those fruit trees once pollinated will start to create those much wanted fruits that we desire to eat. If you have ever had allergies then you have experienced pollen getting into your system. The body fights it off in which we call it allergies. Pollen season can last between March - August. The yellow pollen you see is caused mostly by trees in the spring time(pine trees). When it rains during this time period you can see more of it laying on the ground as it has been washed off surfaces such as your car, home, or any other structure that's been sitting outside. To try and help prevent it from bothering you(allergies), you can wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth when going outside. As much as we are cutting down trees to develop and build new structures we surely need this so the trees can keep producing oxygen for us to breath. Look at it as mother natures gift by giving us what we need versus it being a negative factor.

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