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" What is the cheapest item to collect Rain Water in? "

(Picture provided by: Lowes.Com)

( Picture provided by: Homedepot.Com)

This shall be short and sweet. I know funds can be a factor with many families out there. With that being said, we are often pushed to buy big. That idea can cause most to feel as if they wont be able to do so. In most cases we are trying to budget just to make ends meet. In that case, you can find buckets at your nearest home improvement stores being HomeDepot or Lowes Home Improvement ($2.50 - $6 each). There are more stores like these but these are the two most are familiar with. Above are two examples of what you should look for. These are 5 gallon buckets and they work very well in collecting rain water. So even if you are strapped for cash($$$), you too can start collecting without dipping into those hard to save funds. Now collecting for you too can be as easy as 1,2,3 without breaking the bank.

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