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" When should I remove the mulch from around my Rose bushes? "

(Picture provided by: Brooksidelawnservice.Com)

Wow, winter has come and is almost over with spring knocking on the door. The best time to remove the mulch from around the base of your rose bushes would be when the last frost has gone. Removal of the mulch will allow the new canes to get oxygen and much needed sunlight so they can grow bigger and stronger. You don't want to remove the mulch before the last frost since it could damage the new growth that your bushes have worked so hard to produce. This can result in damaging them by turning them brown from frost bite and eventually ending in the death of any new growth present or any existing canes. If you are unsure if the last frost has come, I would suggest watching the news to find out if so. It's better to be safe than sorry. Long as the weather hasn't started being to hot you can leave the mulch around the base until you are able to find out if the last frost is over. You don't want to keep the mulch around the base if it's become to hot (summer). This to can damage your bush by creating hot pockets that will not be beneficial to them either. Early morning dew trapped inside the mulch can invite mold on your existing canes as well as any new growth wanting to bring you those beautiful flowers on Mothers day (Holiday) and throughout the season. Mold will eventually do the same as frost, by promoting the decline of health in your rose bushes and also producing a greater chance for your new growth to die off as well. Not to mention there are a host of insects that would love for your bush to be unhealthy so they can start to attack them. With a little patience and keeping an open ear (News, Neighborhood Farmer), your bushes will have a great start on the path of Beaty that you will soon be able to enjoy.

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